Eezi Awn T-Top Roof Tents

  • 1.4m Wide T-Top Roof Tent

    Part No: RT08
    Price: $2,995 inc GST (Plus Freight)

  • 1.6m Wide T-Top Roof Tent

    This 1.6m wide version of the T-Top is ideal for 2 adults wanting extra space or for a child to share

    Same design as the 1.4m version - just wider

    Due to the width of the tent it needs to be mounted to open over the side of the vehicle (so that the 1.6m folded length is lengthwise along the vehicle's roof)

    Part No: RT09
    Price: $3,295 inc GST (Plus Freight)

  • 2.2m Wide Family T-Top Roof Tent

    A genuine family size tent with a massive 2.2m wide (2.4m deep) sleeping area with a removable partition in the middle.  Suit 4 x adults or 2 x adults on one side and up to 3 x children on the other side.   2 ladders are included in the kit.

    Part No: RT10
    Price: $4,395 inc GST (Plus Freight)