Side Awnings

Hard and soft case awnings provide the high quality solution for quick and easy shade.  Whether for a quick road-side stop or a longer campout you will have shade in just a minute or two.

We offer various types of awning - spring Retractable hard case, hand Roll-Out hard case and soft case Roll-Out models.  All come in a choice of lengths.

In simple terms, the spring retractable models are quicker and easier to use and if your budget permits the extra cost then we believe you will find the convenience of retractable ensures you use your awning even for very short road-side stops.  The spring system is very simple and extremely durable - even in very tough and continuous 4WD applications and have stood the test of time for many many years.

Of course the Roll-Out models are still quite quick to erect, are slightly lighter and cost a less.


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  • Aventa Bag Awnings

    The Aventa bag style awnings are made from waterproof rip-stop poly cotton fabric and aluminium twist lock pole system. All sizes extend out 2.1m from the vehicle and take less than a minute to set up.

  • Eezi Awn Swift Awning

    Swing-out awning that can free stand in no wind situations and has swing down incorporated legs for when the wind picks up.                                               

  • Eezi Awn Series 1000 Roll-Out Awnings

    Manually Roll In & Out - Series 1000 Hard Case roll-out awnings from Eezi Awn are a lower cost high quality awning without the spring recoil mechanism and packaged in a lower profile aluminium hard case.

  • Eezi Awn Series 2000 Retractable Awnings

    Spring Loaded Return - Series 2000 Hard Case Retractable Awnings from Eezi Awn provide the simple high quality solution for quick and easy shade - whether for a quick road-side stop or a longer campout.

  • Bat 270 Eezi Awn Awning

    A 270 Degree awning that mounts off the pasenger side of the vehicle and gives shade to the side and rear of the vihicle.


  • Manta 270 Eezi Awn Awning

    A swing-out side awning with attached rear sections to give shade at the back of the vehicle. Incorporated legs make seting up and packing away easy. 

  • Tent Kits and Mosquito Nets to suit Awnings

    Easy to install front and side panels provide added living space, privacy and protection against sun, wind and rain.