Aventa Series 5 Roof Tent

The Series 5 Aventa tent's low profile design allows easy overhead access and 30% less frontal area* reduces fuel consumption & wind drag (* compared to most roof tents) 

Can be mounted to open over the rear or either side of most vehicles.

Ripstop Poly Cotton fabric on main tent walls ensures maximum comfort even in tropical conditions. 

 60mm high density foam mattress in removable cover for maximum comfort.  Some bedding can be left in the tent when closed. 

Comes complete with shower skirt included.


  • Item no: RT92
  • Price: $1395.00 Inc (Plus Freight)
  • Dimensions (closed): 1240 × 1300 × 200h
  • Dimensions (open): 2440 × 1300 × 1300h
  • Dimensions (clearance): Allow 60-80mm to the length and width as clearance for folded canvas under the cover when folded. 
  • Weight: 40 kg inc Ladder.
  • Options: Ladder Extension (if vehicle higher than approx 2m)
    Roof Bars, Racks and Mountings