1.6m Wide T-Top Roof Tent

The 1.6m Eezi Awn T-Top tent offers plenty of space for two adults and a small child.

All the standard features of the Series 3 roof tent range with the added convenience of the Add-a-Room annexe which allows access to the bedroom area from within the tent.

The extra width of this tent makes it more suitable to open either side of the vehicle.

The annexe packs seperately and does not need to be installed to be able to use the rest of the roof tent. Even without the Add-a-Room installed, there is still more privacy in the sleeping area and whilst accessing the top of the ladder.

  • Item No: RT09
  • Price: $3295.00 Inc (Plus Freight)
  • Dimensions (closed): 1220 × 1600 × 300h
  • Dimensions (open): 2440 × 1600 × 1300h (sleeping area)
  • Add-a-Room: 1600 × 2000d
  • Options: Roof Bars, Racks and Mountings
  • Approx Weight: 90.00 kg
  • Height: 320.00 mm
  • Width: 1270.00 mm
  • Depth: 1650.00 mm