Tent Kits and Mosquito Nets to suit Awnings

Tent Kit to suit Series 2000 Eezi Awn Awning

(not suitable for Series 1000)

Easy to install front and side panels provide added living space, privacy and protection against sun, wind and rain.

Manufactured to the highest specification. The front panel slides into front roller and zips to the side panels at the corners.

Mesh groundsheet included.

Tent Kit for 2.5m Eezi Awn Awning

Tent Kit suit 2.5m Wide Eezi Awning (3 Walls & Floor)

  • Code: RT50TK
  • Weight: 14 Kg
  • Price: P.O.A (To order only)


Tent Kit for 3m Awning

Tent Kit suit 3m Wide Eezi Awning (3 Walls & Floor)

  • Code: RT52TK
  • Weight: 14 kg
  • Price: $595.00 (inc GST, plus Freight)


Tent Kits for Aventa Awnings

Encloses the awning for daytime privacy or even for use as a tent. Very quick and easy to install & remove.

The front wall slides into a rope track built into the awning beam.

The side walls have nylon hangers that clip over the rafter beams at each end

Tent Kit for 2.5m Featherlite Awning

Tent Kit suit 2.5m Wide Aventa Bag Awning (3 Walls)

  • Code: RT60R
  • Weight: 5 kg
  • Price: $275.00 (inc GST, plus Freight)


Tent Kit for 2.0m Aventa Awning

Tent Kit suit 2.0m Wide Aventa Bag Awning (3 Walls)

  • Code: RT61R
  • Weight: 5 kg
  • Price: $260.00 (inc GST, plus Freight)


Mosquito Nets for Aventa Awnings

Complete assembly simply hangs from the awning rafter poles and secures to the awning upright poles, then pegs to the ground.

Very quick and easy to erect & remove in just a couple of minutes.

Includes 4 walls and a ceiling to completely enclose the awning. A zipper at each side wall allows entry/exit. Another full height zipper on the back wall allows access to the vehicle.

Mosquito Net for 2.5m Aventa Awning

Mosquito Net suit 2.5m Wide Aventa Bag Awning 

  • Code: RT60M
  • Weight: 3.5 kg
  • Price: $165.00 (inc GST, plus Freight)


Mosquito Net for 2.0m Aventa Awning

Mosquito Net suit 2.0m Wide Aventa Bag Awning

  • Code: RT61M
  • Weight: 3 kg
  • Price: $165.00 (inc GST, plus Freight)